“Fool’s Ride” by John L Monk (Creepy creepy glorious!)

Lindy Moone:

Jumped along for the ride! Thanks Carol; now I don’t need to write my own blog post for this little gem…

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Joy ride, or freaky, creepy carnival ride: come along.

Daniel Jenkins repeatedly returns to earth in human form to atone for his sins and deliver some good old-fashioned, oh, so gratifying, vigilante justice. Fans of Kick (The Jenkins Cycle Book 1) know Dan committed suicide while in college, bleeding all over the bedding of the girl who’d jilted him. Horrors! What in the world could entice me to spend a whole novel in the point of view of a thoughtless, self-pitying loser like Dan? Does the writer even live who could interest me in this guy’s miserable hereafter? Yes, yes, and yes again.

.Product Details    Fool's Ride (The Jenkins Cycle Book 2)Fool’s Ride (The Jenkins Cycle Book 2)

Alas, poor Dan. He comprehends the magnitude of his stupid act of suicide. His guilt is so stupendous, he somehow finds himself entering the body of a living human man. What happens to the guy’s soul while Dan…

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Traitors Finally Brought to Book

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It’s a book! Again! (And I’m so envious. Again.) Why are all my “anTROLLogy” authors publishing more than me? Well done, David. (You creep. ;) )

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I know this is historywithatwist, but in my own small way I’m making a little history of my own. This is a big day for me. My third Liam Mannion novel, A Time of Traitors, is now live on Amazon. It has taken me almost nine months to write. That’s longer than I spent on either Tan or The Golden Grave, but then I didn’t have as many issues with those books.

At first, I was very clear on what course to take. I had a good, strong opening scene. Shortly after that I wrote another strong scene that was a potential opener. And, eh, then I wrote another one. It was like waiting for a bus to come along only for three to arrive together. I was spoiled for choice.

I scratched my head for a while and then realised that the only way I would…

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11 Fear-Based Writer Beliefs, and How to Quell Them

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Cheerleading for Christina, here!

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Let’s be honest. We all have fears. As humans, as writers . . . . I don’t care if you are Stephen Effing King . . . wait a minute, even he is scared of something. Supposedly, he sleeps with the light on because he is scared of the dark (wouldn’t you be if you were him??)

So, in this post, we’re going to get down and dirty on some of these fears as they pertain to writing, specifically. I know I’ve been through my share of turbulence, finding my own equilibrium in this giant spinning world of words, where it sometimes feels like it’s everyone for themselves…. It can be maddening. It can be discouraging and lonely. But just remember, you are not alone.

Following are eleven bogus beliefs that many writers share, and how you can look at them differently. Maybe this will help you to release their vice…

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I haven’t said this very well

Lindy Moone:

Here’s your chance to win a copy of DELL ZERO — one of the best classic-style sci-fi novels I’ve ever read! Just read the first chapter and comment, to enter:

Originally posted on Carol Ervin's Author Site:

Today I created an event on Goodreads and invited Goodreads friends and some Facebook friends. (Not all–the site kept freezing on my FB invitations). I also posted the invitation on Facebooks, but I didn’t word the invitation very well on either site.

So I’m trying again.The invitation–and you’re included–is to readers of science fiction and/or dystopian novels to read the first chapter of Dell Zero (on this site) any time now through September 29, leave a comment, and thereby become eligible to win a free ebook copy of Dell Zero.

I neglected to say leave a comment at the end of the chapter. That’s where it goes. And if you comment anonymously, consider somehow sending me your email address, including the comment so I’ll know who you are in the event you are the winner. See the “Contact” section of this website.

Here’s the link to read the chapter: http://carolervin.com/welcome/dell-zero/


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12 Things I Learned While Writing “The Treemakers”

Lindy Moone:

Take it away, Christina! This blog post (hereby reblogged) gave me the idea for an indie motto/bumper sticker: “No Fat Turds on Shelves”!

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My release date for my upcoming novel, “The Treemakers,” was originally set for this July. As you can see, that date has flown by and here I sit, awaiting still that righteous day when I hit that big, red “PUBLISH” button. (Is it red? I don’t know, I’m new here.)

“The Treemakers” (blurb below) was a project I began during National Novel Writing Month last November. I did, indeed, write the first 50K words of what I believed at the time would be something of a short novel. Being still a new novelist, this was my third novel, but I still had not worked with a professional editor. I was nearsighted in my vision for the future of TTM, thinking it was a quick little project that I could toss to the masses and maybe, snag a few readers for when I put the REAL work out there.



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The Fisher King and the Man in the Moon

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photo 1
Just because I don’t know Robin Williams doesn’t mean I can’t miss him.  Just because I miss him doesn’t mean I don’t feel loss for other people who maybe weren’t so much in the public eye, or that I don’t care about other more worldly events going on the news.

I’m not usually too affected by celebrity news, but I’ve been having a bit of a hard time with this one.   My WHOLE life, his movies, tv shows, and comedy has been there, in so many wonderful characters, in so many wonderful ways.  From when I first saw him as Mork as a kid, to now.  He inspired me, he made me laugh.  He touched so many people with the simplest of expressions.  He could make you laugh in one moment, and melt your heart in the next.  I don’t know another comedian who could do that.  He’s just always…

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Oh, How I LOVE Thee, AMAZON. Let me count the ways.

Lindy Moone:

And to think… just a few short years ago I thought the sweetest words in the English language would be “My Publisher.” Can’t wait to make my next book available for pre-order.

Wait? I don’t have to! I am Wonder Woman!

You know, cuz she was an Amazon? I may be getting carried away, here… I may need to blog about that later. Meanwhile, here’s an ode to Amazon, by Chris McMullen!

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Amazon Pic

When we first met, you were still young, yet already so grand.

More books than I’d ever seen in any bookstore.

Yet it wasn’t just the size that impressed me.

Or that you were accessible and easy to get.

There was something about the smile on your logo,

The friendly feel of your website,

The speedy shipping, with a free super saver,

And, mostly, the way you treated me, even after the sale.

Then you made your affordable prices even more attractive:

I could buy used copies for as little as a penny.

And I could sell my used books,

Even my used textbooks, and for great prices.

You did things for me that no other bookstore ever could.

You treated me like I was special,

Like I wasn’t just another customer.

You had me at the first one-click.

Then, out of the blue, when I thought you didn’t even…

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