Kindle Unlimited—Good or Bad for Authors?

Lindy Moone:

An excellent breakdown of what’s going on… with Kindle Unlimited! (Thank you, Chris McMullen.)

Originally posted on chrismcmullen:

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Read Unlimited Kindle E-books

Today, Amazon introduced Kindle Unlimited:

  • For $9.99 per month, a customer can now read (and listen to) an unlimited number of Kindle e-books.
  • There are 600,000 books to choose from. The books are enrolled in KDP Select.
  • All KDP Select books are automatically included. (But authors can opt out of KDP Select by completing a form. See below.)
  • Customers don’t need to be in Amazon Prime to enjoy the benefits of Kindle Unlimited.

You can read more about it at Amazon, including the terms of use:

Authors can learn more about it at Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), where there is also a new form for those who wish to opt out of KDP Select:

Is Kindle Unlimited Good for Authors?

In order to participate in Kindle Unlimited, an e-book must be enrolled in KDP Select.

Here are some advantages of enrolling in…

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Pub bans the word ‘So’ from beginning of sentences

Lindy Moone:

I see a price list for offending words and phrases. “Personally” should cost a tenner. “In the fullness of time”? A lifetime ban.

Originally posted on The Evening Harold:

so jar

Sewing club has moved to a new venue.

A pub in Harold has banned customers from starting their sentences with the word ‘so’, in a crack-down on pseudo-scientific intellectualism.

On the bar of the Squirrel Lickers Arms a ‘So’ box now stands, replacing the well-rattled swears jar. And it’s already beginning to fill up, according to Eddie the landlord. He explained how he got the idea.

“So I noti…b****cks”, said Eddie, flipping a coin into the container. “I noticed a lot of people in here think they can sound all knowledgeable and reasonable, just by adding the offending word to the beginning of any old shite”, he explained.

“So I took the…oh for f***s sake…(*chink*)…I took the initiative and decided to fine people for their cod GCSE chemistry report cock-whiskery. I won’t have people in here turning the air litmus blue.”

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Ambrose Bierce: author mysteriously vanished at 71

Lindy Moone:

How marvelous that Carol Kean brought all this information together. Ambrose Bierce was a truly innovative writer of fiction — not to mention the author of The Devil’s Dictionary! And here it is.

Originally posted on carolkean:

Lindy Moon’s novel Hyperlink from Hell set me on a mission to learn more about the author who at age 71 marched off to war (again!)…

(1842-c.1914)]  June 24: Happy Birthday, Ambrose Bierce!

…. in part, to get new material to write about, but he didn’t live to tell his new tales. The best tale may have been the story of how he died, but no one has ever told it. After all these years, no one ever will.

I remember Bierce for his chilling, horrifying tale The Boarded Window (1891), a slightly less disturbing story than all the true tales of women dug up form their graves with broken fingernails and blood attesting to the fact that the woman who appeared to be dead was in fact buried alive. A statue in a cemetery in Virginia commemorates one of these unfortunate women, Ocativa Hatcher: but I cannot bear to think of such things, so let us…

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A little story about my interview with the BBC

Lindy Moone:

Awww, bless his heart. I know how he feels, except for the “having-a-meltdown-at-a-real-interview part”, instead of at an imaginary one

Originally posted on Thought Scratchings...:


I arrived at the BBC studios early, I’m always early. I sat in a shop over the road wondering if I was going to make it through the interview without forgetting my name. I drank a coffee. But not before wrestling for 20 minutes over whether I was drinking one too soon, so would crash before the interview…or whether I should be drinking one at all. What if I turn grumpy and impatient?Maybe I should have a green tea and go all Buddha.  I decided – because I had too much big stuff to worry about – that I didn’t have enough time to worry so much about the subtle implications of varying caffeine levels, so I ordered a coffee and took a seat. I drank the coffee. I nervously picked at the paper cup. Then I ate the paper cup, folded myself into a ball, and rolled myself…

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The old Ape needs a BOOST on Facebook

Lindy Moone:

The Story Reading Ape, he lifts us up! The least I can do is reblog when he needs a boost!

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog..... An Author Promotions Enterprise!:

If you look down the column to the right, just under the photos of some of my lovely followers, you’ll find the direct link and LIKE button of my Promotion of New Authors and Books Page.

Can I ask a favour?

Please click the LIKE button and help boost this page up the Facebook rankings, so it is more useful in promoting all the great authors featured there.

If you’d also like to friend and follow my Facebook Timeline page click HERE.

If you’d like to share any Authorly (should be a word) news on either (or both) pages, please do (bear in mind that the Family Friendly Conditions apply there as well, so inappropriate shares may be deleted).

DON’T FORGET to send me any news for posting here on this blog though – then it will be spread to even MORE media places AS WELL AS on BOTH the…

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EDYL – Island of Immortality, by Mark Capell

Lindy Moone:

I will write my own post on this book, too, because I love its brilliant premise and execution — but first:

Originally posted on John L. Monk:

edyllA few weeks ago, an Awesome Indie asked if I’d be interest in beta reading his latest book. I happily agreed. It was wonderful, had me swiping madly with reckless abandon. And now it’s available.

Here’s the blurb:

It’s 2117 and the government has stopped reading your emails. It now reads your mind…

Every year, WOCO (the world government) nominates people to compete in the Edyl Olympiad. The prize? Immortality, and the right to live in the only place left in the world where the sun still shines — Edyl Island. But the competitors are being watched by a secret government division called The Reading Department to see if they’re worthy of that prize.

R77K is a thought reader on his first Edyl assignment. He has three targets: a rock singer, an athlete, and a mechanic. But one of them also moonlights as a contract…

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The Passive Voice, Stephen King and a Cat called Fang

Time for a little passive posting — er, reblogging – courtesy of the hilarious (and informative) author Chris J. Randolph, who has this to say for (and about) himself:

Once upon a time, Chris J. Randolph was a pimply faced kid in a black jacket, living in fear of the passive voice and its festering evil. Now he’s a pimply faced adult who bitterly wishes he’d never called the exterminator.

He’s a high school graduate who’s read a few books on grammar and linguistics, follows several celebrity linguists online, and has self-published a handful of books about living technology, hulking barbarians, and wizards in space (all separately, of course).

Ready, set, reblog:

-cue dramatic music-

The passive voice… Among writers, it’s public enemy number one. This heartless killer is responsible for a string of grisly slayings that stretch across history, beginning all the way back in ancient Sumer and continuing on to the present day. It’s already in your home, crawling on your ceiling, and you could be its next victim.

No one is truly safe while the passive voice remains a fugitive from justice, and that’s why I’m writing this — to expose its darkest, most depraved secrets, and to ask for your assistance in stopping the monster once and for all.

You’ve read that article before, haven’t you? There are thousands of the sort floating around, and they’re completely impossible to avoid. I know… I’ve tried. They’re plastered across magazine covers and they haunt every writing blog’s sidebar, with eye-catching titles like How the Passive Voice is Ruining Your Story, or Six Ways to Find and Eliminate the Passive Voice… Local Water Supply Contaminated by Virulent Passive Voice… National Guard Clashes With Passive Voice in the Streets.

They all make the same claims; that it’s weak, evasive, passionless, bloodless, and annoying. Most throw in a few samples so you can see the beast’s horrific nature, then they wow you with an exhibition of the active voice’s immense muscle… and that’s pretty much it. They give you a pat on the back and send you off to slay the dragon.

This isn’t one of those articles… it’s a response to them. If you’d like to learn the whole story, this is the place to be.

Well, actually, THIS is the place to be to read the whole article — which is the most thorough analysis of the passive voice I’ve read, PLUS it’s amusing, PLUS it makes great use of both Stephen King and a black cat called Fang.

(This is not a picture of Fang. This is Hocus Poke-us, on her “Cushun of Shame”. Kinda makes yer eyes water, don’t she?)

black cat with white eyes



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