Why authors should never comment on negative reviews of their own books

Lindy Moone:

I give this five stars, and a reblog…!

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6a00d834515ae969e2017c35817072970bYou’ve written a book. It’s been published. Your agent told you that he/she has never read a book like it. Your publisher has told you that your voice is entirely unique. The quotes from celebrities on the front cover of your book reinforce this sense of untouchable brilliance. The first fifty amazon reviews have flooded in from industry people who are encouraged to display kindness. Traction begins…but all of these opinions are inherently biased.

Then comes the first negative review from Jeremy, from Hounslow. Your brain immediately reacts by telling you that Jeremy must be mentally ill. Then you decide he must be a troll. (Because you’ve convinced yourself that you are so special, that there are people alive who spend their free time attacking your books, hoping you say something, because that’s how you think they think they will get famous. Even though nobody read your last novel.) So…

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Free story! Just this weekend, though.

Hi everyone. Here’s your holiday weekend gift, a fine sci-fi novellette from A. A. Leil, the author of Fergus Underbridge, Troll Detective (arguably the most popular story in our charity antrollogy, For Whom the Bell Trolls).

Go and get it now! Shaheen cover


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Pre-release: the first three chapters

Lindy Moone:

This is my favorite of Carol’s books, yet. And I’ve loved them all.

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The car was a ten-year-old Buick with 193,000 miles, bought with every bit of Angela’s savings plus most of what she’d earned from the summer tour. Everything she owned was stuffed in the trunk and piled inside, leaving a tight space for herself behind the steering wheel. Atop a box on the passenger seat, the theater company’s glossy souvenir program stuck out of her shoulder bag. Her bio and glamour photo were printed inside: Angela Henderson, Aldonza in The Man of La Mancha. The tour had gone on without her, but she did not yet feel separated. Performing was real life, not this. In real life, she did not need a car.

She’d left Chicago that morning, a spider swinging out on her own thin thread. Her voice might be gone—temporarily—but this was no time to lose her nerve. Everything new was scary in the beginning. Like driving for…

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Contemporary Suspense

Lindy Moone:

Carol Ervin has done it again!

Originally posted on Carol Ervin's Author Site:

A Mountain Women Thriller

On the eve of a country music festival, three people meet in the West Virginia mountains: Angela, a singer with a wounded voice; B.L., a delusional ex-con on a dangerous quest to prove himself; and Rudy, who’s chasing an old dream. If Angela sings—even speaks—she could ruin her voice for good, but she faces another threat: falling hard for Rudy, her first love, the man she abandoned to follow her career. Over the next few days the three will meet again in Winkler, the small town where the Ridgetop festival takes place.Ridgetop - EBook 300x479

All three will be forever changed. All three will run for their lives


Ridgetop extends the Mountain Women series with a suspenseful story that takes place 100 years later. Once again the story is set in Winkler, a fictional West Virginia town. And there’s a connection with the earlier stories, revealed only at the end.


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New cover for Thief’s Odyssey is now live!

Lindy Moone:

In case you’re wondering if I’m ever gonna post something original again, the answer is yes. Someday. Meanwhile here’s something about something original of mine — my first published book cover for another author. (And that’s something!)

Originally posted on John L. Monk:

So after some soul-searching, I decided to go with a new cover for Thief’s Odyssey. This one is a little more in keeping with other books in the genre, and the thumbnail is more readable, which is important when folks are browsing through Amazon looking flow_res_thiefor something to read. I also like the way the letters sort of pop out at you. That said, I love my old artwork to death and am sad to make the change. The previous artist did exactly what I’d asked and hoped for.

The new cover is by Lindy Moone — an incredible artist. She’s also an “Awesome Indie.” Very talented writer and designer. This new cover is, in my opinion, stunning. I love the way the letters slant into each other, drawing the eye. I love the footprints. In particular, I can’t get over that little logo she made. I didn’t…

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DEMONS are you scared yet?

Lindy Moone:

Look at these covers by the amazing Keith Draws! They are for Harvey Click’s Demon series. Great books deserve great covers… and they got ’em!

Originally posted on keithdraws:

Well I Was!!

… after getting commissioned to produce the covers for the Demon Frenzy series by Harvey Click. He gave descriptions of Demons that were incredibly challenging, but lets face it. I love doing stuff like this so what really scared me was would I be able to stop!
Here are the first two. More to come soon

Demon Frenzy

Demon Mania

Demon Frenzydemon mania  landscape

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Just Another Day at the Farmer’s Market

Lindy Moone:

Folks, meet Sandra, one of the authors from our anTROLLogy. Her story, Little Lambsy Deadsy, is the charmingly gruesome tale of a heroic, troll fighting girl. Here’s Sandra blogging (beautifully) about her “real” world in San Francisco, and it sounds quite scrumptious!

Originally posted on Caneléfornia:

We wake at 4:45a and go about our morning routine without much talk. Coffee is made, toast consumed, a checklist of items to carry out to the car reviewed: the cash drawer primed with ones, fives, tens and quarters, a big baggie of kibble for the dog’s breakfast and lunch, freshly laundered aprons, the mobile phone credit card reader.

The dog sleeps through all of this and must be coaxed out of his warm bed to venture into the chilly pre-dawn. He moves slowly, clearly hoping we will change our minds and all pile back into bed to sleep another two hours but such is not to be.

IMG_0275On the drive to the bakery we review the tasks in front of us to ready for the market; pastries to be boxed up in bins, the tent and folding tables to pack. We pause our talk to admire the sunrise, all roseate gold…

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