Lindy Moone’s gone Belly-Up!

Hello, you.

The title of this blog can change at any time, without warning, so I have given a good two minutes of my extremely cheap time to the decision to call it “Belly-up.” I like Belly-up, at least for now, mostly because it has more than one meaning, and anyone who’s read Hyperlink from Hell knows I’m all over that sh&t. I also like commas. And dashes. Dashes are good.

Unless it’s a cockroach dashing up your arm, causing you to run screaming and naked into the living room, where your husband and sister are watching reruns of Mork and Mindy.

So belly-up to the blog, boys and girls. There’s no telling how long this will last.

NOW: Perhaps you have questions. Perhaps I have answers.

Q: Why have you, author Lindy Moone, decided to blog, after just last week (on your website) saying you wouldn’t, because most blogs are educational or informative, and where’s the fun in that?

A: They’re making me do it.

Q: Who?

A: Them. Those guys. The marketing gurus who say you gotta blog if you wanna sell your book.

Q: So, you’re just using us. You just want to sell us your book, to have your way with us and then throw us away.

A: Alright, I’ll admit it started out that way, but trust me, I’ve come to care for you. The dainty way you pick your noses while reading emails, floss your teeth at the keyboard, and then floss the keyboard — and a hundred more (unspeakable) things — these have endeared you to me! (And if not to me, to someone, and if not to someone, you might want to reconsider your filthy habits.)

NOW: if you’ll all just fart the theme to “The Big Bang Theory,” I’ll be yours forever.


2 responses

  1. I’d like to oblige but I can’t think of the Big Bang theme. Excellent suggestion, however.

  2. Flossing my keyboard? It’s like you’re watching me. And I like it. *creepy stare*

    Less frighteningly, thanks for stopping by and for your comment 😀

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