Just finished reading Hugh Howey’s “Wool” Omnibus! It got me thinking, as all great books do, about all sorts of IMPORTANT STUFF.

I won’t be sharing that stuff, here. Go read it, and think your own IMPORTANT STUFF.

But these past two days of voracious Wool digestion — time and money very well spent — did remind me of this:

We writers often complain about folks not buying our (vastly underpriced) books. These are our babies, folks, the product of YEARS of work, doubt and fear! Our souls bared for all to see! Our immortality! All for the price of dental floss!

Sometimes we forget that while our desperate-to-be-heard lives are ticking away, toiling over words, readers are mortal, too. You folks have only so many precious minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years left.

And you just spent some of them reading my book? And some of you liked — even loved — it? And some of you reviewed it?


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


One response

  1. Spot-on, Lindy Moone. Thank you, too!

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