My Major Award!

I’d like to thank Wrenfoe, fellow NewsBiscuit writer and the crackpot responsible for “Flibbertigibbet – The Truth About Goats”, for nominating me for the prestidigitatious “Best Moment Award”:


Yes, I’d like to thank him, but I’m not convinced this isn’t a pathetic chain letter/Ponzi scheme based on bloggers’ egos (bleegos, for short), instead of cash. Which is sad, really, cuz I could use the cash. Or even a shapely leg lamp. Also, pretty sure it was the goats who nominated me…

But who cares, as long as we get to meet new bloggers and Scientology is not involved? Visit Wrenfoe and his goats over at Flibbertigibbet. Don’t tell him I sent you.

Accepting this Major Award means coming up with a list of other Bloggers that I admire (even though some of them don’t know I exist — and let’s keep it that way). Nowhere does it say I actually have to notify them of their Major Awards, so I’m keeping all the awards for myself. Here they are: 15 (I can’t count) Blogs/Bloggers, at least one of which/whom is even more in(s)ane than I am. Check them out. Because, let’s face it — you’re nuts, too, and have too much time on your hands, or you wouldn’t be here.

Accepting this Major Award also means I have to tell you seven things about myself. Hold your noses and read fast. It will all be over in a moment.

1) I’m a Scorpio. Which means nothing. Astrology is bollocks.

2) I am American, not British. I just like saying “bollocks.”

3) Blogging was something I swore I’d never do. (Swearing is bad, and yet I highly recommend it. Bollocks.)

4) My desk chair is an antique — a family heirloom. It’s hard, it squeaks, and I think its feelings would be hurt if I replaced it with something comfortable. Luckily, I have well-padded buttocks. Which rhymes with bollocks.

5) I don’t have any of those.

6) I have no children, either – not in any sizes.

7) Here’s my favorite article today, about a pig whose forehead looks like Yoda and who might just start a new religion. Stranger things have happened.


6 responses

  1. Delightful nonsense- gave me a lift for the day!

  2. If that pig doesn’t lend credence to the Jedi religion here on Earth, I don’t know what will. Master Yoda, like Athena, bursting forth fully formed from the head of the father. What more proof do we need?

    Of course, it’s possible that we’re misinterpreting this and that what we should learn from all this is that Yoda’s body, under that cloak, looks like like an entire pig. (He IS an alien, after all.)

  3. I’ll be damned! (But swearing is bad.)


  4. In my best Elvis impression: “Thank you very much.”

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