So where are YOU?

Thanks to Chris the Story Reading Ape for this. Right now, I’m stuck in the “It’s too hot in here” loop. Although the Mongolian Death Worm  is growing on me…

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So – print this handy step by step guide to writing a novel, pin it to the wall over your favourite writing spot, identify where you are in YOUR creative efforts and follow the arrows needed to get back to work – in my case it’s usually via the kitchen food storage areas LOL

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6 responses

  1. Thanks for the reblog Lindy 🙂

    1. Least I can do for hours of happy procrastination!

  2. Why isn’t there a “Do I smell smoke”, usually in reference to the furnace or oven?

    1. Gregg: You simply must spend some time customizing the chart to your needs. In that way, you never have to finish your WIP — while, of course, your house burns down. I’ve made a start on personalizing the chart for me:

      It’s too hot in here => ice cream makes me bloated => of course it could just be cancer => I need to write a Bloated Blogger blog post => or maybe my own obituary => but my novel’s still not done! => let’s watch “Up” again => SQUIRREL!

  3. Hi Lindy … I love this … have shared it on Facebook. Thanks

  4. It’s a hot potato! Thanks, Mary.

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