On Book Trailers and Reblogging

I’ve jumped the gun — or maybe the shark — and am already reblogging my way through August, while learning how to make a trailer for Hyperlink. If you have a post from your blog (or anyone else’s) that you’d like me to reblog, let me know. Also, any book trailer advice, anecdotes or horror stories would be greatly appreciated.

Meanwhile, here’s the music: Miss Seduction! What do you think? Does it suit Jimmie’s in(s)anity? I love its slightly comic, sexy, mysterious tone… as if Gotye wrote the theme to “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.”

Now, for the video. I want to go with Kinetic typography, and wish I could do something this brilliant (or could afford to get someone to do something this brilliant for me):

(This “Knights Who Say Ni” sketch, from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, was animated by E.E. Seitz. He is a god.)

So, wish me luck and get those reblog suggestions to me. (If you do NOT appease me, I will say “Ni!”)


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