Instant Review Challenge!

I just downloaded a Kindle book, read it, and wrote a review for Amazon — all in less than an hour. This story was written as a response to J.A. Konrath’s recent challenge to write, edit, format and publish a story, complete with cover… in 8 hours or less. I just happened upon it in the signature line of its author while buzzing around KindleBoards. Here’s the cover:

Click here to see the book page on Amazon.

At the time of this post, this book is free! Here’s my review:

“Charles Deckins’ Tsunami of Swill, Secret of the Ebook Crapnado is the best thing I’ve read all hour. At one point I heard both chortling and snorting, and realized those unseemly sounds were coming… from me! If I’d had a mirror handy, I could have described myself as I brushed back my long chestnut hair and admired my own baby-blue eye-twinkle in response to this amusing short story — but this is not about me!

I could tell the story was funny — I believe I knew this telepathically; you can believe what you want, if you think it’s a free country. I read on, grinning wider, and of course I had to fetch a mirror so as to truly cherish this once-in-an-hour reading experience.

Ahh… That was better! My perfect teeth gleamed like Chiclets by Kindlelight as I flipped page after page of pages, and lock after lock of hairs.

(All kidding aside, this is worth twice the price for the similes alone! Tsunami of Swill is brilliantly witty and original, hit every meme it aimed at right between the eyes, and I loved it. Loved it. And I refuse to “spoil” it. Just read it, especially if you are a self-published author. I said just read it!)”

5 stars. Did I forget to say 5 stars?

This experience has made me decide to challenge myself: to read a story, write an Amazon review, and post it — in one hour or less, one or more per day. This I pledge to do for as many of the winners of Konrath’s challenge as I can, before I go:



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  1. Lindy, I’m sure that Charles Deckins, wherever he may be, thanks you for your review and even more so for blogging it. Looking forward to the review challenge!

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