Review: “Leave Me Alone, The Introvert’s Guide to Travel,” by Wya Soquiet

It’s the Instant Review Challenge, part 2! I’m challenging myself to download Kindle books, read them, and write reviews for Amazon — all in less than an hour.

But not just any Kindle books. That would be folly. Some are whoppers — and even my speed-of-light badass reading skills would be doomed to failure.*  No, I’m reviewing the books written for J.A. Konrath’s challenge to write, edit, format and publish a story, complete with cover… in 8 hours or less. I was too lazy to take the challenge, myself, but I stand (sit, sprawl) in awe of those who did, and think they deserve reviews in random order.

Without further ado, here’s the cover for number two, 

The Amazon page for this book, which is $.99 at the time of posting,

And my 5 star review:

“Leave Me Alone” is the go-to book for introverts on the go!

Author Wya Soquiet  (not to be confused with her sister, Ima Marriedwomannow-Sothere, who also writes handy pamphlets of this ilk) is a Godsend for introverts who tremble at the thought of travel.

Soquiet’s book is a veritable tiny gold mine of information, and the author is quite convincing when she insists that introverts need not turn into faux extroverts just because they want to see the world. As Wya says — in her distinctively wry, humorous, Soquiet way — “Travel is tiring enough without that shit.”

Highlights include:

  • Ways to get out of backpacking with serial killers.
  • How to choose an appropriate travelling companion, if you must, and, most helpful of all,
  • How to avoid extroverts on the road.

In short, “Leave Me Alone, The Introvert’s Guide to Travel,”  is a good short book for a short flight, reviewed by a short reviewer.

*Know anyone else who read the Lord of the Rings trilogy in two days, huh? Huh? Know anyone else dumb enough to do that, huh?


2 responses

  1. I believe, reviewer, you may have a new career.

  2. Why, thank you Carol! It’s quite a challenge to do in an hour, believe me! I’m pretty sure I will fail the time limit on most of these, but not by much.

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