Review: “Eight Hour Fiction #1,” by Travis Hill

Instant Review Challenge. Book 3. I’m downloading ebooks, reading them, and writing reviews for Amazon — all in less than an hour. At least one per day. Until I drop. But not just any ebooks. Oh, no. I’m reviewing the books written for J.A. Konrath’s challenge to write, edit, format and publish a story, complete with author-drawn cover… in 8 hours. Too lazy to take the challenge, I have imposed on myself this pleasurable penance. So far, the stories are great, but this is still likely to be the death of me. And yet I carry on.

Here’s the cover for this post’s subject of scrutiny, which is free at the time of posting,

Here’s the book’s Amazon page,

And here’s my review:

Eight Hour  Fiction #1 is a collection of two flash fiction stories by author Travis Hill. It was published in response to J.A. Konrath’s recent challenge to readers of his blog. The challenge? Write and edit an ebook, draw the cover, and publish it all within eight hours.

Like the unemployable insect-alien castaway in Hill’s Vonnegut-esque A Career Moment, the cover of Eight Hour Fiction isn’t good at its job. (But that’s OK. Someone will surely come along and give it a hand.) The alien, too, hasn’t made the most of his outstanding assets, hasn’t reached his full-blown potential. But when he does… heads up!

I’m dying to spoil this story, to make clinical observations about the astute employment of adolescent wet memes — but I’d better not. I can say this:

I applauded!

Next up, an even shorter flash. Capture at the Hive, the author’s homage to Calvin and Hobbes, champions the forces of good (a boy named General Megatron) over evil (the general’s “Evil Queen Mother” and her dark list of household chores). It’s sweet, but not too, and it’s funny — and, unlike the first story, it’s ideal for both adults and children. IMHO, it’s worth a cartoon series of its own.

(5 stars.)


One response

  1. Yay, it’s my book! Boo, you gave it a good review! (You must not have read it! It’s okay, I didn’t read it either.)

    I’m seriously considering a “children’s” book with more chapters of Capture At the Hive, which is weird since I never thought I’d do such a thing (I kind of have a bit of a potty mouth/keyboard).

    Thanks for the review!

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