Review: “The Devohrah Initiative,” by Craig Hansen

Here we go again! Instant Review Challenge. Book 4. I’m downloading ebooks, reading them, and writing reviews for Amazon — all in less than an hour. The ebooks in question were written for J.A. Konrath’s challenge to write, edit, format and publish a story, complete with author-drawn cover… in 8 hours. Some stories are more challenging than others. Here’s the cover for this post’s subject of scrutiny, which is free at the time of posting,

Here’s the book’s Amazon page,

And here’s my review:

Craig Hansen’s The Devohrah Initiative is a savvy, thought-provoking and politically timely story in a neatly-wrapped, unattended package.

This surprisingly sophisticated little story, based on a pun, could generate some buzz. I won’t spoil the story, except to say that although the author billed it as a blend of horror/satire, it came across as sci-fi/satire to me. The subject matter — conflict in the Middle East — is culturally and politically tricky, but Hansen pulled it off.

This story is one response to bestselling author J.A. Konrath’s call to arms: a challenge to indie authors to pen, edit, format and publish an ebook, complete with author-generated cover, within 8 hours. The result is a tightly-strung, tidy, tiny book with a lethal injection of humor — a testament to Hansen, who even had time to write an Author’s Note,  to include his author’s bio and reviews for his other books, and to come up with an eye-catching cover!

Well played all around. 5 stars.


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