Review: “Shifted,” by Madeline Freeman

By now, you probably know where this post is heading: The Instant Review Challenge. Book 6. You may skip to the review. Or skip to your loo. (Either way, get a move on.)

For the rest of you: The Instant Review Challenge is just me, downloading ebooks, reading them, and writing reviews for Amazon — all in less than an hour. At least one per day. Until I drop. But not just any ebooks. I’m reviewing the books written for J.A. Konrath’s challenge to write, edit, format and publish a story, complete with author-generated cover… in 8 hours.

Here’s today’s cover for the featured book, which is $.99 at the time of posting,

The book page on Amazon,

And my review:

An Amuse-bouche of thrilling sci-fi horror!

The first short episode in Madeline Freeman’s paranormal series, Shifted, got me hooked — with plenty of action, compelling characters, and a hint of future romance. Think Teen Wolf… but not really, meets The X Files… but not really, meets a YA version of True Blood… but not really, then…

But that would be spoiling things!

I had one minor complaint: characters doing too many eye rolls. But this book was uploaded to Amazon in a rush, as part of J.A. Konrath’s 8-hour Challenge, so any little flaws of that nature didn’t bother me. I knew they would be taken care of in due time. Sure enough, the author has informed me she’s merrily plucking out the offending eyes, and mercilessly hunting down the typos mentioned in another review, silver bullet-firing guns ablaze.

A fast, easy, fun read. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

(5 stars)


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