Review: “Welcome to the Future,” by Edward M. Grant

If you know where this post is heading (The Instant Review Challenge, book 7), you may skip to the review.

Go on. Shoo!

If you’re new here: The Instant Review Challenge is just me, downloading ebooks, reading them, and writing reviews for Amazon — all in less than an hour. At least one per day. Until I drop. But not just any ebooks. I’m reviewing the books written for J.A. Konrath’s challenge to write, edit, format and publish a story, complete with author-generated cover… in 8 hours.

Here’s today’s cover for the featured book, which is $1.99 at the time of posting, 

The book page on Amazon,

And my review:

Holy Space Barnacles, They’re Gambling with the Future!

Wow. I hated to see this quirky sci-fi story end. It drew me in with an irresistible Red Dwarf vibe, and never disappointed.

Between this story’s e-pages I found great writing, humor, poker-playing spaceships, smart-mouthed characters — even the ones with no mouths — and the silent undertow of Something To Think About. (But only if I feel like it.)

In short, it’s all this meat-bag wants from sci-fi, and then some. I’ll revisit Grant’s galaxy as often as the author will have me.

5 stars on Amazon. (Wish I could give it 7.)



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