Review: “Forbidden,” by Cege Smith

If you know where this post is heading (The Instant Review Challenge, book 8), you may skip to the review.

(Go on. You know you want to!)

If you’re new here: The Instant Review Challenge is just me, downloading ebooks, reading them, and writing reviews for Amazon — all in less than an hour. At least one per day. Until I drop. But not just any ebooks. I’m reviewing the books written for J.A. Konrath’s challenge to write, edit, format and publish a story, complete with author-generated cover… in 8 hours.

Here’s the cover for today’s  featured book, which is $.99 at the time of posting, 

Its book page on Amazon,

and my review:


by Cege Smith

This chilling little ghost story may seem a bit (first) drafty, but it’s a gripping tale, nonetheless. Written in the spirit of the Konrath 8-hour challenge…

But wait. Not everyone knows what an awesome feat this author has performed! Let me explain:

On his blog, bestselling author JA Konrath recently challenged indie authors to pen, edit, format, generate a cover for and publish an original ebook — all in 8 hours or less! There. Told you it was awesome.

Forbidden is the short tale of a girl head-over-heels in love with paranormal activity. Too bad that love… is unrequited. (And that’s more than enough spoilers from me.)

Although it works just fine as a traditional ghost story, I’d love to see it as the first chapter of a more complex novel. (Fingers crossed!)

If I didn’t know that this is the first draft of a story, I’d be tempted to give it 3 or 4 stars out of 5. (Because, you know, Stephen King exists!) But this is a good first draft, written on very short notice. So high 5!


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