What keeps you turning pages?

I plan to review John L. Monk’s novel, Kick, sometime soon. Author Carol Ervin beat me to it!

Welcome to the Mountain Women Series

One of two questions can keep me turning pages (or scrolling) in a novel:

1. How on earth will the main character get out of this mess?


2. I think I know the answer to this mystery–will I be right?

Halfway through Kick, I thought I might know the answer, and from that point on, I was reading not just because I was entertained by the writing and fascinated by the action and the characters, but because I wanted to learn if I was right. I even contacted the author, John L. Monk, and shared my suspicion. His answers were vague, so not to spoil the ending, but he did answer! A nice guy.

The main character of Kick is Dan Jenkins, a dead nice guy who keeps hitching uncomfortable rides in the living bodies of bad people. Now this premise could result in a gruesome story, but Monk keeps it light. Even though, sadly…

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  1. I think those are two great questions that keep readers reading.

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