For Whom the Bell Trolls

I’m seeing pink. Feeling a bit queasy. Had a little trouble with a troll.

Nothing to worry about, but it reminded me of this old etching I did in college, called “For Whom the Bell Trolls.” And so I thought: Why not share that lovely, clashing, queasy feeling? It goes so well with the blog colors…

pink troll1

Sorry it’s so pink. But I’m glad I printed this in a variety of colors, back then, just for fun — because the troll targeted me, as far as I can tell, because I was one of the few females who dared to contribute to the site. We all know the type: that threatened little boy who can’t stand it when girls scramble into the treehouse.

There’s a story behind this picture, of course. I lived with a house full of fellows — I’m used to hanging out with the guys, from way back — and one of them had an insane Siamese cat. She needed constant attention, and would pester anyone in the living room for it. I don’t remember who decided to hang the bell on a rope from the chandelier, so we could swing it around the room and keep her occupied — but I’m pretty sure I added the troll.

So to all you women and girls out there who are targeted by trolls, just because you are “pink,” because you dare to climb into the treehouse:

This troll’s for you.


7 responses

  1. Wonderful story, beautiful etching. And I love the color, that’s right, I said it. Today, I am a woman.

    1. We’re all pink and squishy inside.

  2. I was afraid for a moment that your roomies were going to hang the cat from the rope. Love the etching.

    1. I guess this, my 55th blog post, is the first with suspense! lol.
      (Sorry you worried…)

      1. Thank goodness the suspense only lasted till the end of the sentence. Whew!

  3. Lindy, we must be spiritual twins. Tonight I did a blog post about a pesky troll on my facebook page. We must discuss further. Also I was curious to know more the details of the trolling event. Below is my blog on FB.

    1. Hi Dwight! Welcome to “Belly-up!”

      I just “trolled” (in the fishing sense) around your blog, and it’s great — as expected.

      My trolling event is not worth getting into. Just mild bullying, nothing even approaching the real and frightening deal I’ve seen happening to others. The internet can be a nasty place. Inside, I’m still that little girl who felt guilty when someone else whispered in class… so I feel things more than I should. Need to toughen up, for sure, without losing my creamy center. It’s practice for when I get that first nasty review.

      I suppose it’s better to know than to not-know what (some) people will get up to when they feel anonymous. Anyone interested in human nature can’t help but be as fascinated as they are appalled, right? And no one is more interested in human nature than writers.

      My experience did make me quit using the site, at least for now.

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