Disturbing incident at work today: they found out I’m a writer

This hysterical story was brought to you by the equally hysterical John L. Monk, author of “Kick“!
(Easiest way to describe this novel? “Quantum Leap” guy leaps into… “Dexter.”)

What? You didn’t read it? Go on, take the leap over to his blog and read it! Trust me!

John L. Monk

bruce-willisArriving at work today, I noticed something different.  My seat by the window had been moved next to the elevators.  Or, as it’s also known: the Directory Assistance Seat.  That’s because as soon as anyone gets off the elevator, they stop by and go, “Do you know where so-and-so sits?”

Whoever did it wasn’t happy with simply moving me: all my stuff had been piled on the floor in front of the empty desk.  When I turned to go find out what was going on, I discovered my way blocked by three of my coworkers: Pete, Ted and Ralph.

“Where do you think you’re going, John L. Monk?” Pete said, shoving my shoulder.

“Yeah, what’s the big hurry, college boy?” Ted said, shoving my other shoulder.  My favorite shoulder.

Ralph was the biggest of the bunch, and as dumb as he was mean.

“No like college boy,” he growled, and…

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3 responses

  1. Thank you for your kind repost, and your hilarious distillation of 2 years of my life into “Quantum Leap guy leaps into Dexter” – hehehe 🙂

    1. You left out the ellipses. Without the ellipses, there’s no suspense.
      How about this for the sequel: “A man walks into a bar…tender.”

  2. You have the strangest Mind 🙂

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