Do you suffer from Premature E-Publication?

I do.

Now, if you’ve read Hyperlink from Hell, you might be saying, “No way! It’s awesome!” Which is your prerogative. I can’t stop you. I also can’t stop you from tweeting it to the galaxy or liking my facebook page or checking out my website or…Bull cover

But there’s more than one kind of Premature E-Publication. Naturally, there are a lot of indie publishing horror stories out there, books rushed-to-publish — unrevised, unedited, even un-spellchecked, for Godzilla’s sake. That’s the most common form of the condition, but I have the other one.

Here’s my particular affliction: I published the first book in a series, when the others weren’t ready to go.

I know what you’re thinking: “So what? Ever hear of Harry Potter? 7 years, 7 books?”

But I’m not JK Rowling, and The After Ward isn’t a children’s book or YA. And book two in The After Ward series, Riding the Bull, has me firmly impaled on the horns of its dilemma. It’s taking longer to finish than I’d thought, and I’ve got all the symptoms to show for it. I’ve got Sequel Sores on my butt… Traumatic Head Drama… Marketing Melancholia… Amazon Angst.

I’m working through the pain. Really, I am. Riding the Bull will not buck me off!

As far as Hyperlink goes, it works just fine as a stand-alone novel, because I planned it that way. Even so, some folks are itching to find out just what is — or isn’t — in that tunnel.

I hope it will be worth the wait. Because in book three, the Three Wize Monkies are already plotting to stuff me into their barrel.


5 responses

  1. I think it’s fine publishing the 1st in the series before the others are ready. That’s normal, nobody knows how the first one will be received 🙂 A lot of books turn into “1st books in the series” after people start saying, “Hey, when’s the sequel?”

    Hang in there. Keep your eyes on the road. Show, don’t tell. Do the Dew. No time like the present. Keep both lips stiff, not just your upper lip. Render unto Caesar. Elementary my dear Watson.

  2. Thank you Holmes. I’ve noticed quite a few comments (in reviews of other authors’ books) that said they were peeved that the next book wasn’t out. Some said they wouldn’t buy until a series was well under way.

    1. It’s funny that you wrote this, in a way. I just posted something over on my wordpress thing where I declared my hate for Scott Lynch for waiting 5 years for his sequel. But you know what? I WAITED: out of love for his books. They really are great.

  3. Curious – did you tag Hyperlink somewhere as part of a series? It is quite standalone. I didn’t label The Girl on the Mountain as the start of a series, because I wasn’t sure there’d be one. How to do that? Where?

    1. I’m relieved to hear that HFH does stand alone! Thanks!

      When I first uploaded HFH to Amazon, I checked that it was part of a series, “The After Ward”, and that it was book 1. (It’s right on the form you have to fill out.) Now, on my book page, it shows The After Ward in parentheses after the (already too long) title.

      When you upload Cold Comfort, you can put it in as book 2 of (name of series?), and go set The Girl as book 1. (Maybe make that change first?) So, do you have a name for the series?

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