Review: “Cafe Insomniac,” by Mark Capell

Just read Cafe Insomniac. Gave it 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads!

Here’s the book cover:

Here’s the Amazon link to the e-book, which is $2.99 at the time of posting, and here’s my review:

Are you awake while you’re reading this?

Are you sure?

If you usually sleep soundly through the night, every night, this strangely charming but off-center book might just keep you awake… and peering into shadows… and wondering if your loved ones really exist.

And for anyone who’s ever suffered from sleep deprivation, Cafe Insomniac is a delightfully disturbing walk down (repressed) memory lane, a stroll through a Hitchcock movie set — with David Lynch on their heels.

Cafe Insomniac is unpredictable. And quietly unnerving. And there’s a murder.

What’s not to love?


2 responses

  1. Reading it now, it’s pretty good 🙂

  2. Sampling in process. I’ve too many books on my kindle! But I appreciate your review and recommendation – I’m feeling free and ready to read!

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