Give Hyperlink the Finger.

Halloween looms. It sneaks up every year and scares the crap outta me.

Hyperlink cover for Createspace copy 1

But this year I’m ready. Because Hyperlink, arguably the perfect novel for Halloween, will soon be available from Amazon in paperback — an easier read than the e-book, plus you get that back cover. (“And I will show you my back parts!”) I provide the freaky footnotes; you provide the fingers. It’s already for sale in the Createspace store, and if anyone cares to buy it, I get a higher percentage royalty from there. Just sayin’.

Now: how do you feel about fingers? Personally, I consider them to be the original, handy, digital element that makes reading real books a joy. One can fly virtually effortlessly through the pages, with fingers. Fingers are magic…

Magic fingers! We love fingers! Halloween is for fingers — usually disembodied. But hey, we like ’em any way we can get ’em.

Fingers painting, fingers in a pie, fingers up a nose, fingers in your eye.1fd8b-morticia-addams-addams-family-20570385-500-369

I’m doin’ the Morticia dance to celebrate! Please do it with me!

And run your fingers down my spine.

(You know you want to.)


4 responses

  1. I wilt in the presence of your awesomeness. Will you write my next book?

  2. You see any rings on these fingers?

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