The Wounded Who Gave Their Lives…

Hope you read the whole article. It’s a heartfelt look at those who are all but forgotten, and about what looks to be a very moving book. I have my own personal reasons that this touched me deeply. You can see a hint of them in the comments.


We should never forget the true cost of war. We should search out those tributes to our war dead – the unread plaques on our city walls, the smog-smudged memorials in our busy streets and the pristine and antiseptic paeans in our graveyards – and we should pray to whoever our God may be that our own loved ones never have to die the way those young, brave souls once did.

Memorials offer a great service to those who bother to read them, but they are terribly lacking in other ways.

The Great War claimed the lives of over sixteen million people. Sixteen million lives unlived… What those memorials don’t tell you is that there were a further twenty million who were wounded… twenty million lives that bore mental and physical scars for the rest of their days.

The wounded are often the forgotten victims of war. But it is they…

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