“Cue the Oreos and Pubic Hair…”

Book Giveaway, take Two:

If Hyperlink from Hell  were a cookie, it would be an Oreo. It has a dark analytical crust with a light, naughty, madcap mystery center. If that’s your kind of cookie, give Hyperlink a nibble.

Need more nutrition info about the book? Forget that puny PG blurb on the Amazon page. Here’s the one I like, the long one, the one that starts with…

Murder. Mayhem. And at least one “bat” guy.

A missing reality star, a buxom redhead, and a naked guy with a clipboard and no pubic hair all have something in common: the first chapter of “Hyperlink from Hell.” But what, exactly, is Hyperlink from Hell? That’s what the new Director of The Haven needs to know. Her former boss and mentor has checked out of his ancestral castle and into his own padded suite, all because of a few murders… and because reality has-been, Jimmie Canning, wrote a report to God in a “novel” format, then disappeared.

Join the Director as she analyzes the hell out of “Hyperlink from Hell,” Jimmie’s unlikely tale of kidnapping, murder, time travel and wardrobe malfunction… of Post Traumatic Death Syndrome… of good versus “bat.” It seems that Jimmie has just one goal: to save his girlfriend from her toothy, bloodthirsty ex; and just one strategy: “It all comes down to math.” The good news? He quits smoking. The bad news? Almighty Al, a dubious deity, is pulling faces, pulling jokes, and pulling all the strings.

Pity the Director. To save her mentor from madness, she must divine fact from fiction, fantasy from farce. Is “Hyperlink from Hell” pure delusion… or is there really an alternate universe, where even God’s insane?

Still here? I’ll send a free paperback to the first three people who respond using the contact form, below. The rest of you? I’ll send you a free PDF copy of the paperback, or a MOBI file for Kindle — your choice. No strings attached. (Promotion ends Nov. 21.)

Naturally, I hope to get a few more reviews on Amazon out of this. One star, four stars, whatever you think it deserves, love it or loathe it! Just a few words can make all the difference… If you feel like it. All the reviews it has are wonderful, and I really appreciate them. But they’re getting lonely over there.

(If you do choose to write a review, remember to note that you received a promotional copy of the book.)

If you’ve already read Hyperlink from Hell and you aren’t my close friend or relative, please consider writing a short review for Amazon. Here’s the link. Just click where it says “Create your own review.” It’s pretty painless — even fun. Thanks.

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