Gone Hollywood? Or just Nuts?

Not blogging much lately, since I’m in the throes of editing the charity anTROLLogy. But here’s one other thing that’s been going on…

On Valentine’s Day, I submitted my story for Hugh Howey’s KindleBoards anthology to one Casper Bogart — one of the authors who’d signed up to beta read. Naturally, before asking for his feedback, I checked out his writing. Who needs feedback from a crappy writer, right?

Among other things, he has some mysteries out. I liked them. A lot. I mean, what’s not to love about Richard Nixon as a private detective? That’s one Tricky private Dick! So I asked Casper to beta for me, saying I’d be happy to return the favor. After all, my alter-ego editor, Miss Prissy, is feared throughout the land — or at least throughout the Internet.

Throughout one small corner of the Internet.


OK, so she has ME hiding under the bed! (But who cares? I’m reading by Kindle-light down here.)

Casper the friendly author enjoyed my story, suggested a few tiny changes — but said they really were little things. He was happy that I’d loved his short mystery, The Case of the Pink Lady, and was gracious when Miss Prissy sent him her list of Pink Lady typos.

When Casper wrote to me, he mentioned that he was accustomed to writing for TV. So, since I now had his real name (no, I’m not tellin’), I looked him up. Turns out he wrote for several sitcoms that I’d loved. He also was an actor in a series (the name of which I won’t mention). He gave up series writing after 9/11. Now, among other things, he teaches scriptwriting.

Anyway — how cool is that? A Hollywood scriptwriter liked my story!

I got up the nerve to confess that I’d looked him up, and thanked him for years of enjoyment — and, by the way, would he like a paperback copy of my book, since it’s chock-full of TV references? (He’d already mentioned that he loved the cover. He brought it up, not me.)

He asked for a copy. I sent it. Sure hope he likes it.

At one point (in the shower, of all places), I realized that I’d offered to beta-read… for a Hollywood script-writer! And sent him a list of his typos! So embarrassing, right?

Melisas trollI was a pink naked lady.

My husband, hearing running water accompanied by hysterical laughter, might have thought I’d gone nuts….

But that ship sailed long ago.


3 responses

  1. Very cool, Lindy. Also, that’s the funniest picture ever. The troll part around the face is cool too! (haha, just kidding)

  2. Truly LOL – sending him a list of his typos! You are THE GREATEST.

  3. Miss Prissy knows no shame…
    (Embarrassment, yes. Shame, no.)

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