When Pigs Fly…

Yesterday would have been my mother’s birthday. I thought and thought about how I wanted to commemorate it, but didn’t quite find the right thing. Then, today, I found this video:

These marvelous pigs, drawn by the amazing Sandra Boynton, look so much like the first thing my mom taught me to draw — little pigs made of circles and triangles, with wry little smiles and snuffly, naughty noses…

I’m glad that she read part of my first novel, that she saw that I was finally on my way to being a published author. That she said, “I’m proud of you.” That I said, “You are the best mom, ever.” And I’m sorry she’s missed the rest of my flight. But Mama’s little piggy took wing and she’s defying the laws of gravity every day.

Wish she could have seen my website. (I did it all myself, Mom.)

Gotta go blow my snuffly nose, now…


7 responses

  1. Great tribute, love it!

  2. Nice that. I remember when I was publishing my first book, Tan, my mam was in hospital. She got to see an article about the book in a newspaper. while she was in there. I got to tell her I’d dedicated Tan to her and dad. I was glad she got to see that I’d written a book. She was proud of that, but then she was proud of me and my brothers and sister anyway. We were so lucky to have her, She died a few days later.

  3. So sorry to hear that, David… but yes, glad that she knew.

  4. Am all sniffling and teary eyed at the end of this post…lovely tribute! Loved the video too! And must say that the website is awesome…very neat and elegant. How long did it take to complete this one? Just curious 🙂

  5. Please imagine a snuffly nose, little trotter feet, and triangle ears on this smiley face: 🙂 And wings, of course…

  6. My birth mother and dad didn’t live to see my first novel published. My step mom did. This is a beautiful piece. As we age there are more and more people who are no longer with us but we still wish we could share our lives with them. How lucky we were to share with them when they were with us.

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