Ambrose Bierce: author mysteriously vanished at 71

How marvelous that Carol Kean brought all this information together. Ambrose Bierce was a truly innovative writer of fiction — not to mention the author of The Devil’s Dictionary! And here it is.


Lindy Moon’s novel Hyperlink from Hell set me on a mission to learn more about the author who at age 71 marched off to war (again!)…

(1842-c.1914)]  June 24: Happy Birthday, Ambrose Bierce!

…. in part, to get new material to write about, but he didn’t live to tell his new tales. The best tale may have been the story of how he died, but no one has ever told it. After all these years, no one ever will.

I remember Bierce for his chilling, horrifying tale The Boarded Window (1891), a slightly less disturbing story than all the true tales of women dug up form their graves with broken fingernails and blood attesting to the fact that the woman who appeared to be dead was in fact buried alive. A statue in a cemetery in Virginia commemorates one of these unfortunate women, Ocativa Hatcher: but I cannot bear to think of such things, so let us…

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