The Magical Mythical Tour…

Aha! David doesn’t know the troll book’s origin story. (Must be the only history he DOESN”T know.) Well, A long time ago (less than two years), I got trolled on a satirical news site, and I thought, “what can I do to turn this frown upside down?” (Um, no, I didn’t think that. But I did wonder what good could come from it, and the book is the result.) And David’s story is amazing — one of two stunningly good “first” stories in the book — but not surprising, from such a good writer.


When it comes to telling stories, there’s an abundance of formats on offer, from crime and romance to horror and mystery, and everything else in between.

History is just another form of storytelling, and myths a more elaborate and creative form of history… stories of events that have been twisted and coloured over time as they pass from one mouth to the next.

Myths are important because they help shape how we view the world, through our belief in them or our dismissal of their message.

I got involved in a project a few months back, which had a little to do with myths, and which is finally coming to fruition. A group of very talented authors (and I do mean that) got together to write an anthology of short stories on the subject of trolls.

Why trolls were chosen, I don’t know, but it was a good choice, because…

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