Just Another Day at the Farmer’s Market

Folks, meet Sandra, one of the authors from our anTROLLogy. Her story, Little Lambsy Deadsy, is the charmingly gruesome tale of a heroic, troll fighting girl. Here’s Sandra blogging (beautifully) about her “real” world in San Francisco, and it sounds quite scrumptious!


We wake at 4:45a and go about our morning routine without much talk. Coffee is made, toast consumed, a checklist of items to carry out to the car reviewed: the cash drawer primed with ones, fives, tens and quarters, a big baggie of kibble for the dog’s breakfast and lunch, freshly laundered aprons, the mobile phone credit card reader.

The dog sleeps through all of this and must be coaxed out of his warm bed to venture into the chilly pre-dawn. He moves slowly, clearly hoping we will change our minds and all pile back into bed to sleep another two hours but such is not to be.

IMG_0275On the drive to the bakery we review the tasks in front of us to ready for the market; pastries to be boxed up in bins, the tent and folding tables to pack. We pause our talk to admire the sunrise, all roseate gold…

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