Frankly, My Book Could Save Your Life!

vampire-lips-red-lip-gloss-fangs-draculaIt’s the Witching Season, or soon will be. Also the Vampire Season. Yes folks, it’s Vampire Books For Blood, a charity drive that is sure to drive you, well, batty. #VampBooks4Blood‘s founder, plotter, schemer and bottle-washer is Scott Burtness, author of the Monsters in the Midwest series. This year I am participating because, frankly, I didn’t know about it until now, though it’s been happening since 2013.

Here’s the lowdown: authors of books about vampires pledge to donate to the US Red Cross or the Canadian Blood Services — either a flat donation or a percentage of their book’s October sales! I will be donating 100% of my world-wide October proceeds from Hyperlink From Hell to this worthy cause. (Should be worth a pint or two, even at the discounted price of 99 cents for the ebook and less than 10 bucks for the paperback!)

But perhaps you would like to know my initial reaction, when I heard about the drive:

You mean my BOOK could save a LIFE? And not in the “confused reader threw it (the paperback version, not the ebook) out the window of a speeding bus, smacking a mugger in the head, thus saving a (frankly, whiffy) little old lady from having her Social Security check (which, also frankly, she should have been having direct-deposited all these years, but what can you do?) stolen and used to fund the mugger’s debauched, basement-based lifestyle of virtual bowling, online D&D and repeated, failed attempts to break the Guinness World Record for Cheetos Found In A Couch, all the while the (frankly, now even more whiffy) little old lady starved and was eaten by her cats?

Cool. I like cats. Count me in.

I did not write that cliche-riddled scenario to Scott, because, frankly, I don’t want him to KNOW I’m nuts. SUSPECT, sure. After all, he read the book. Even reviewed it:

This book was fun as hell. Philosophy, religion, and a world-class pun fest have been nicely rolled into a dark mystery full of fun characters, plot twists, and humor so absurd it’s flippin’ hilarious.

First, most of the story is the story within the story. I know, right? Head’s spinning a bit already. But the author does a great job setting up both worlds, and both sets of characters. Second, the story in the story is a madcap romp. When the MC comes up for air, you’ll be glad she did because you’ll need to take a few deep breaths as well.
Third, it will all make sense in the end, and you’ll be deeply satisfied.

If you enjoy Terry Pratchett and Monty Python, and also enjoy getting drunk and arguing with the desklamp about whether Schrödinger’s cat prefers dry food or dryer lint, you will absolutely love Hyperlink from Hell.

Now THAT’S nuts! (Thank you, Scott.) But seriously folks, this is a great cause, with some generous authors participating. I only have one vampire book to offer, but others are donating proceeds from a whole series! So frankly (Scott’s dog’s name is “Frank”; see how I got it in there? Repeatedly? Without mercy?), I will be buying a whole lot of vampire books in October.

Frankly, I hope you will, too! Go Here and learn how to get all these amazing books from authors that give till it hurts.

If you want to join the facebook kick-off party Oct 1st, 12 Pm Central US time — and you do want to, because I’m mesmerizing you with my vampira eyes — here’s the link!

Vampire Books For Blood Party

See you there, I hope.

Fang you very much,

— Lindy “Never Met a Pun She Didn’t Like” Moone

Annnnd, here’s Frank!

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