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Bells on Troll Fingers, Bells on Troll Toes!

for-whom-the-bell-trolls-facebook-cover-12-16It’s Alive! The 2nd edition of our charity antrollogy for grown-ups, For Whom the Bell Trolls, is now available at Amazon! With two new stories and an afterword by Aristotle, no less! Here’s a little something…

…about the Antrollogy

Submitted for your perusal: a smorgasbord of trolls. Literal trolls, literary trolls. Trolls in space, trolls in cyberspace. Trolls that are naughty, trolls that are nice. Troll detectives, trolls that have lice. That’s just the way it is, with trolls.

…about The Authors

Some of the authors are well-known. Some are just not well, not well at all. Some are hiding under their beds, or possibly bridges. Some should be. That’s just the way it is, with authors.

Our international authors have something in common: they have contributed their work for free, in hopes that readers will make donations to charities they support — charities listed in their bios, after their stories.

All but two of these stories were written for this antrollogy. All but one are making their debut. We hope you’ll enjoy the stories and follow their authors’ links to your doom. (Just testing whether you read this far. You did.)

… about The Editors

John L. Monk and I met online, and were immediately smitten… with each other’s books. So much so, in fact, that the moderator told us to get a room.

Instead, I got the idea for a charity antrollogy — after being “trolled” on a spoof news website. I penned the title story and invited a select group of authors to write their own, starting with John. Some were members of, my favorite online critique group; others were published authors John and I had met through reviewing books or stories, or through KBoards, the website devoted to all things Kindle. Some were spotted at The Writer’s Pub, an online authors’ hangout. A few we met along the way… and two were brave souls who had stuck up for me on that naughty news site. Much to my surprise, almost everyone said yes!

For more about us and all the authors, please read the bios after our stories. As for those books that got us into this troll story business…

His: Kick

Hers: Hyperlink from Hell: a Couch Potato’s Guide to the Afterlife

I would like to thank The Academy

Once upon a time, For Whom the Bell Trolls was mine, all mine. That is to say, the concept was mine: invite indie authors to build a book about trolls — a book that could showcase our talents and make cold, hard e-cash for worthy causes.

I’d love to take the credit for everything; I will take the credit (and the blame) for the puns and pictures, for the silly Easter Egg Hunt, and for each and every typo in this unique book. But For Whom the Bell Trolls is unique because of all the talented and generous people who came together to make it so. The authors have donated their stories for free, but they’ve also been troopers throughout the editing process, crying “Uncle” (more often “Auntie”) for the greater good — sometimes gladly, sometimes stoically. (Sometimes, I suspect, huddled in their closets, their anguished cries muffled by flimsy lingerie clutched to their quivering lips and heaving bosoms — and that’s just the men.) Some of the authors also helped with proofreading, and the charming and hilarious John L. Monk, “Droll Troll” and co-editor, really had my back.

Thanks always to my much better half, Boo, for putting up with all my crazy, all these years, and for all the awesome tech support.

This book is dedicated to Gretchen Sackett, my kick-ass sister, who made the publication of the first edition possible. Gretchen died suddenly only three months after the release of its first edition , and hearts were broken from sea to shining sea. If you’d like to know more about this amazing woman, please read my blog post about her:

Alive: A Letter to Neil Gaiman.

Now that the second edition is out, I’d love to thank by name everyone who reviews it, who tweets and shares and blogs about it, but of course that is impossible. And for those who donate to the charities: Thank you. You’re good eggs. For Whom the Bell Trolls… trolls for thee. Stop by our facebook page anytime, to chat. But first…

… about our Book Launch

Please  join me and as many of the authors as we can lasso on Saturday, December 17th at noon, US Central Time Zone, for our Book Launch Event, hosted by Scott Burtness, author of the Monsters In The Midwest series! northwoods-wolfman-cover Feel free to ask us impertinent questions, learn Too Much Information about our sordid lives and books, and otherwise spend up to two hours of your precious Holiday Shopping Time with us, huddled with the device of your choice wherever you generally huddle when doing embarrassing things on the Internet.

I expect there will be a giveaway or two, too! Hope to see you there.


#VampireBooks4Blood Hot Licks — er, Links!

Well, we are 11 days into October, and Vampire Books 4 Blood is in full swing. Authors of books about vampires have pledged to drain themselves of every last drop of their blood for — er, donate money to — the US Red Cross or the Canadian Blood Services, based on their books’ October sales! I will be donating 100% of my world-wide October proceeds from Hyperlink From Hell to this worthy cause.
Here’s a list of the titles in this year’s event, along with the author’s name and a buy link for the book. Please check them out and buy any that tickle your fancy, and if you are a tweeter, please mix some into your tweets to help these authors expand their reach and make money for this worthy cause!
I’ve bought many of these books myself, to warm my poor cold flesh, to stir my sluggish blood and keep it pumping through the long winter months ahead…
If you tweet, be sure to use the #VampBooks4Blood hashtag. Thanks!
Book Buy Link Author
Night Walker Aaron L Speer
The First Ones Ageless
Toxicosis Alison Armstrong
Life in Moonlight: The Primigenio Tales Book 1 Alison Beightol
Caledonia, supernatural web series!about/cnec Amy Hoff
Ancient Blood Brian McKinley
Drawing Dead Brian McKinley
Adventures of a Vegan Vamp Cate Lawley
Hell Comes to Hogtown CD Gallant-King
Blood and Whiskey Clark Hays, Pumpjack Press
Rough Trails and Shallow Graves Clark Hays, Pumpjack Press
The Cowbow and the Vampire: A Very Unusual Romance Clark Hays, Pumpjack Press
The Last Sunset Clark Hays, Pumpjack Press
Rising Tide: Dark Innocence Claudette Melanson
Black Irish CS Anderson
Dark Molly, Book One CS Anderson
Strange Hunting Dave Robertson
Vitaortus, Book One Dea Schofield
Vitaortus, Book Two Dea Schofield
Eat My Shorts Dean Baker
Adrian’s Fury DonnaInk Publications, LLC
Adrian’s Legacy DonnaInk Publications, LLC
The Adrian Trilogy DonnaInk Publications, LLC
To Be His Soulmate, 1 DonnaInk Publications, LLC
Shadow of Life GA Stratton
Dance on Fire James Garcia
Flash Point James Garcia
Infernal James Garcia
The Complete Lilly Frank Series Jeanie Grey
Cognata Jedi Reach, Double Dragon Press
Occupation Jeff Dawson
Hope Dawns Eternal Julie Lomoe
Connection: The Haunt Vault Katja Desjarlais
AMYM: The Mamluk Who Defied Death KD McQuain
The Raveners LD Towers
Hyperlink from Hell Lindy Moone
Dazed and Confused Lisa Lane
Flashbacks Lisa Lane
Hair Lisa Lane
Love Beads: Jane the Hippie Vampire Book 1 Lisa Lane
Revival Lisa Lane
The Rhiannon Chronicles Maggie Shayne
Fallen Angel Am I Martin Sigournay
Entwined Souls Michele Gantz
Dead and Proud of It Nicholas Paschall
Being Human Patricia Lynne
Vlad the Conqueror R David Fulcher
Four Rachel Carr
Six Rachel Carr
Bill the Vampire Rick Gualtieri
The Line Rob Ferreri
The Vampire Sandrine Genier
Bite Somebody Sara Dobie Bauer, World Weaver Press
Wisconsin Vamp Scott Burtness
Dominion Scott M Baker
The Vampire Hunters Scott M Baker
The Vampire Hunters Omnibus Scott M Baker
Vampyrnomicon Scott M Baker
Come Hell or High Water, Pt 2 Stephen Morris
Tempted by a Vampire Susan Griscom
The Dead Game Susanne Leist
Out for Blood: The Chosen One Has Come TP Miller
Angel’s Guardian Zeece Lugo

Frankly, My Book Could Save Your Life!

vampire-lips-red-lip-gloss-fangs-draculaIt’s the Witching Season, or soon will be. Also the Vampire Season. Yes folks, it’s Vampire Books For Blood, a charity drive that is sure to drive you, well, batty. #VampBooks4Blood‘s founder, plotter, schemer and bottle-washer is Scott Burtness, author of the Monsters in the Midwest series. This year I am participating because, frankly, I didn’t know about it until now, though it’s been happening since 2013.

Here’s the lowdown: authors of books about vampires pledge to donate to the US Red Cross or the Canadian Blood Services — either a flat donation or a percentage of their book’s October sales! I will be donating 100% of my world-wide October proceeds from Hyperlink From Hell to this worthy cause. (Should be worth a pint or two, even at the discounted price of 99 cents for the ebook and less than 10 bucks for the paperback!)

But perhaps you would like to know my initial reaction, when I heard about the drive:

You mean my BOOK could save a LIFE? And not in the “confused reader threw it (the paperback version, not the ebook) out the window of a speeding bus, smacking a mugger in the head, thus saving a (frankly, whiffy) little old lady from having her Social Security check (which, also frankly, she should have been having direct-deposited all these years, but what can you do?) stolen and used to fund the mugger’s debauched, basement-based lifestyle of virtual bowling, online D&D and repeated, failed attempts to break the Guinness World Record for Cheetos Found In A Couch, all the while the (frankly, now even more whiffy) little old lady starved and was eaten by her cats?

Cool. I like cats. Count me in.

I did not write that cliche-riddled scenario to Scott, because, frankly, I don’t want him to KNOW I’m nuts. SUSPECT, sure. After all, he read the book. Even reviewed it:

This book was fun as hell. Philosophy, religion, and a world-class pun fest have been nicely rolled into a dark mystery full of fun characters, plot twists, and humor so absurd it’s flippin’ hilarious.

First, most of the story is the story within the story. I know, right? Head’s spinning a bit already. But the author does a great job setting up both worlds, and both sets of characters. Second, the story in the story is a madcap romp. When the MC comes up for air, you’ll be glad she did because you’ll need to take a few deep breaths as well.
Third, it will all make sense in the end, and you’ll be deeply satisfied.

If you enjoy Terry Pratchett and Monty Python, and also enjoy getting drunk and arguing with the desklamp about whether Schrödinger’s cat prefers dry food or dryer lint, you will absolutely love Hyperlink from Hell.

Now THAT’S nuts! (Thank you, Scott.) But seriously folks, this is a great cause, with some generous authors participating. I only have one vampire book to offer, but others are donating proceeds from a whole series! So frankly (Scott’s dog’s name is “Frank”; see how I got it in there? Repeatedly? Without mercy?), I will be buying a whole lot of vampire books in October.

Frankly, I hope you will, too! Go Here and learn how to get all these amazing books from authors that give till it hurts.

If you want to join the facebook kick-off party Oct 1st, 12 Pm Central US time — and you do want to, because I’m mesmerizing you with my vampira eyes — here’s the link!

Vampire Books For Blood Party

See you there, I hope.

Fang you very much,

— Lindy “Never Met a Pun She Didn’t Like” Moone

Annnnd, here’s Frank!

An April Fool… in Love?

Troll e book launch today — only at Amazon! Here’s a sneak peek at just one of my many illustrations for For Whom the Bell Trolls, the world’s first and only charity anTROLLogy for grown-ups, edited by John L. Monk and me: A Fool for Love. For me, this book has been a year-and-a-half long labor of love, after all. Of course, when you are a troll in love, “clubbing” takes on a whole new meaning…

Romance riotI hope you will buy the book today, if you can; since all profits will be donated by the publisher to Equality Now, the higher we can get the book in the Amazon rankings the more visibility — and therefore the greater income for the charity! Here’s my pitch for this unique book of funny, thrilling, mysterious, moving and sometimes naughty stories. (We mean it; this book is for adults who never quite grew up, not for kids who hope to do so!) In addition to stories donated by 22 authors from all over the world, you will find my first published illustrations… and even feisty troll haiku and an Easter egg hunt! So please share. And have a wonderful April Fool’s Day.

troll ad for back of books larger text See it on or Amazon UK !

For Whom The Bell Trolls

Victoria is too kind, and too modest… I love her story, and it has some of my favorite lines in the book in it. (Innit.)

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