Crawl into My Happy Place: Literary (Sub)versions

Like most kids from big, noisy families, I had a few spots that seemed mine… all mine. Except when they weren’t. I shared one of those Happy Places with my little sister: our closet, where we drew on walls and closed out the world. These days, I draw on a different sort of wall and I’m learning to share, again. So, mind the spiders (they were here, first) and crawl under the coats. I’m headed for Literary (Sub)versionsmy closet author’s website — where the (extra) wild and whacky stuff from Hyperlink from Hell hangs out.

Make yourself a cocktail (virgin, if you must), and come on over.

Not sure you want to crawl into my Happy Place? Here’s a preview:websitehomepagewebsiteWTFpage



And also, some “AQ”s (answers to questions I’ve been asked):

1. Yes, I’m in(s)ane.

2. Yes, thank you, I did do it myself, but not the watercolor background. It came free with the site, and was the inspiration for the colors.

3. True, some writers don’t need their websites to have silly pictures that they draw themselves, snorting all the while. They want websites that will stand out, but in a dignified way — like their writing. I don’t do dignified, so:

4. No, I guess it’s not your typical author’s website. Literary (Sub)versions is a place to play with words and pictures. It’s also a sort of Wonderland/ circus/ imaginarium/ reward and/or thank-you gift (and maze!) for those brave souls who have hacked their way through my novel, and are still standing.

5. Yes, it’s a work in progress. Like woodland fungus, it grows faster when it’s raining.

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