For Whom The Bell Trolls

What’s black & white and (d)read all over?
Definitely the first, possibly the only, Indie Author Charity Antrollogy! 2nd Edition!


Submitted for your perusal: a smorgasbord of trolls.*

Literal trolls, literary trolls. Trolls in space, trolls in cyberspace. Trolls that are naughty, trolls that are nice. Troll detectives, trolls that have lice. That’s just the way it is, with trolls. 

Some of the authors are well-known. Some are just not well, not well at all. Some are hiding under their beds, or possibly bridges. Some should be. That’s just the way it is, with authors.

Our international authors have something in common: they have contributed their work for a cause. All net profits from this book will be donated by me to Equality Now. Since 1992, Equality Now has worked for the protection and promotion of the human rights of women and girls around the world.

Thank you to all the wonderful writers who contributed troll stories for the anthology. And — who knew? — even troll haiku!

The authors? So glad you asked. Here they are now. Please follow their links to learn more about them and their writing:

Edward M. Grant  Bob Summer  Duncan Swallow  Mark Capell  Nick Cole John L. Monk  Lindy Moone  David Lawlor  E. A. Linden  A. A. Leil  J. Matthew McKern  F. Scott Kimball  Scott Burtness Rinelle Grey  Sandra Stephens  Meribeth Hutto  David Perry  Jim Harris  James A. Jeffries  Petur HK  Gregg Fedchak  Cora Buhlert and Tobias D. Robison

*All but two of these stories were written for this antrollogy. All but one are making their debut here. We hope you’ll enjoy the stories and will follow their authors’ links to your doom. (Just testing whether you read this far. You did.)

(cover copyright 2016 Lindy Moone)

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  1. […] have been invited by the lovely Lindy Moone to contribute to the troll-themed anthology she is putting together. I’m really looking forward to writing my story […]

  2. […] news item #1: I have finished my story for Lindy Moone’s troll anthology! It’s a Boadicea Black story involving cyberbullying and kicking trolls in the face. The […]

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